My Travelogues

Waters of Dubai

As part of my reporting assignments, I have traveled across the Middle East, to Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and I have also covered stories in London, in addition to my home country Egypt, extensively. I have seen so much, and some of my most enlightening moments were experienced under scorching sun, or amid masses of rowdy protestors or on snowy hills away from human beings and closer to nature as can be. I have traveled in Dubai, Sharjah deserts, the Eastern and Western deserts in Egypt, and these open landscapes have moved something inside of me; the endless sands have caught my heart and called me back again and again. Here, I only collect links for travel narratives, written specifically for travel and published — but not as part of news or public affairs reporting, which so far is my speciality, and whose stories can be viewed here and here. However, I may include a social feature or two, written from Beirut or Mecca or what have you, as long as “place” is one of the most significant features of the story.

Exploring why this region doesn’t write about itself

A Legacy Lost: The Scarcity of Travel Writing

Eco-friendly tourism

It’s Easy Being Green

Travel Post-Revolution

Suez for the Revolutionaries 

A Meditation on Travel

Why do we travel? To Think

The “Shalateen and Back Again” Travel Package

A hunt for adventure, fun and facts in the southern mountains

Married to tradition in Shalateen

Shalateen: Growing up between a rock and a hard place

Shalateen: The long drive down

Shalateen: The hunt for truths in a far-off town

Swords, shields and a whip: A Beja wedding night

Saying farewell to the south

Henna Art, Beja-style

Halayeb remains source of dispute btwn Cairo, Khartoum


In pictures: Shalateen Market

In pictures: Beja Wedding

Video: Wedding dance of Beja tribes

Blog post: Difficult, Difficult, Lemon Difficult

Tales from Mecca

Mecca: A sanctuary for ‘illegal dreamers’

Mecca working women find it hard to be free

Stories from Beirut

A different holiday: Spending Christmas with Hezbollah and Lebanese opposition Also this story!


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