Yours truly

I write, talk to people, tweet and Facebook. I don’t watch TV. I socialize with friends occasionally … and with strangers, always. I don’t do the whole “Let’s go out to a fancy restaurant” thing every other day anymore because it’s simply boring (and wasting money is not entirely fun when you’re making it). I used to take walks for hours in England and China, two countries where I lived in for around a year each, but it’s a nuisance in Cairo. In the distant past I took Aikido and kickboxing classes. Then moved to Ashtanga Yoga. Now, I’m all about Kung Fu.

I love the taste of chocolate melting in my mouth and I drink only fresh juice — and this partly defines me. I mind read, and I have a third eye.

Could be the Voice, not me

My best friend is a prince, he comes from a planet called Asteroid B612, which has three volcanoes, a sheep and a flower. I have a Voice, it speaks to me and it lives in my head. (bits and pieces of Pakinam and Voice conversations seep into my Twitter account  @pakinamamer)

I shuttled all the way to China in 2012 to learn Kung Fu. Yup, just for that. I lived for months on the largest Kung Fu camp in the world, secluded in Lao Ta Gou inside the Shaolin Temple, and I blogged about it here.

I’m a journalist and writer, a comic book nerd and a fan of the moving picture (and moving lights as my sister would say mockingly). I love animals (and cats) to death, and I feel guilty about eating meat. But not guilty enough that I can turn vegetarian for life (I start and stop, then start again).

For the observer, a writer’s job can look ‘boring’; much of the work happens inside the head. You see, I observe, I think (or I think I do), I ask questions, I watch and wonder, I judge, I care or don’t and walk away. I type on my laptop, I browse the internet, I take pictures click click click. I work the phones, and field report for feature stories. When I feel lucky or adventurous I travel.

When I’m not being ‘boring,’ I explore the world … and in my good moods, I’d like to think I can save it.

Pakinam Amer

p.s. I realize fully that the blog’s name translates to الرسائل الباكينامية … Enjoy.


25 thoughts on “Yours truly”

  1. ” and I feel guilty about eating meat. But not so guilty I can turn vegetarian for life.” – I have that same problem. Meat is just so available in the states. You go a restaurant, and there is one vegetarian dish and the rest meat of some sort. I now eat more fish and seafood products than I used to. Eggplant Parmesan is my favorite. Yeah, cheese is an animal product.

  2. Hey, I work with the CheapOair travel blog ( and we’re interested in having you guest blog for us. Please contact me if you’re interested. Thanks! Aldo.

  3. Hi – I’m trying to contact you about one of your articles but it was undeliverable. Any way of getting in touch with me?


  4. I love the blog title. 🙂
    Still need to dwelve deeper into your posts, but your tweets are hilaroius. :]

    All the best from Hungary to all you brave guys, gals, geeks, nerds, old and young of Egypt!

  5. .. and now you’re a vegetarian in a country that has toppled its oppressor and is well en route to embrace liberty! Congratulations!

    I thoroughly enjoy how I stumbled upon this blog through twitter. I think Egypt will be allright with people like you around!

  6. Thank you for all your tweets. Ecuadorians congratulate Egyptians!
    Much unity and freedom of prejudices in the weeks and months to come.

  7. While yes, I enjoyed your bio, and still do enioy your tweets i pretty much stopped by here to let you know how unbelievable gorgeous I think you are …that is all.

  8. Hello,..we are a few ppl who stepped forward trying to initiate awareness around the necessity of providing cutting edge technology to the poorest Egyptian child…Nothing fancy, it is a global trend nowadays aiming at the same through providing low cost yet effective miniature laptops to children around the world.
    How life will be 10 years from now?! ..Tech will not be a luxury or a treat, it will be a necessity, if we offered our children to the future bare handed..Our Egypt will never move forward and we will be kept behind.
    If you’re able to spare a minute to have a look at our cause site I’m sure you’ll find it informative. The link to our cause site is:

    I’ll brief here as well,.. we are aiming at providing the children of Egypt with a high tech gadgets basically Laptops,..One Laptop Per Child is our goal.
    It is not a Laptop project though, it is an educational project which we believe will have an immense pedagogical impact on the future of our Egypt. Adopting the latest cooperative learning techniques.
    The targeted users are children from 6-12 as we believe that the illiterate of the future will not be that who can’t read and write, it will be that who does not know how to learn.

    Once upon a time, there was no internet,..yet happily ever after there is no life without internet. And it is impossible for any person to get acquainted with today’s sciences and knowledge without it.
    There are many initiatives in the world now to deploy ICT for Education,..many are getting cheap laptops to children,..Classmate of intel,..Raspberry PI (a premature baby) and XO of the OLPC foundation,..we have chosen XO for their technology and for their authenticity. They are purely non profit as we are, is looking at it as a market which scares me a bit.
    XO is the most adequate and fit for us in Egypt.

    It is a global project,..been deployed in many many spots on earth,..Peru (1M laptop) Uruguay (500K+),..Africa, Palestine,…etc.
    Even in Peru they started manufacturing and assembling the machines to cut the cost.

    Only Govs can take the lead (or a 100K laptop min order), and preferably Gov be the one who adopt a fundraising project for the purpose.
    What we are trying to do is to raise awareness, spread the word and gather as much supporters. Within that crowd we are looking for brainstorming the idea and materializing it to get it to field action in a near future.

    I’ll be very glad to hear from you and see you joining and helping us spreading the word..of course if we made sense to you 🙂

  9. I connect! After years trying to dissolve the ego into nothing, it’s always rather disconcerting to have to identify myself as a particular something. If labels, I rather use so many, so that none of them stick—. Ah, you’re also connected to that voice ~

  10. We want to invite you to a TV discussion on how Warwick University students and academics could or should be engaging with people from Egypt, Syria etc to consider the democratisation process and things that we can learn from each other during these unique times (when a lot is being learned!)

    Rather than a discussion on ‘what the Arab League, Europe or the UN should be doing’ or the ‘differences between Syria, Egypt and Libya’, we’d really like this discussion to focus on potential ways that students in the Middle East and students/academics from Warwick politics department could gain from meeting regularly in an online workgroup/space. Our question is what can we learn from ‘you guys’ on the ground who are going through these incredible times/experiences and what you might learn from us who are in established ‘democracies’ (with all its deficiencies)? Anyways, part of the discussion will also be asking whether this would be a useful thing to set up in the first place. The main thing is that we live in times when a group can easily meet over the web and have a lot of learnings, and this is something we know that students at Warwick would gain a huge amount from.

    The discussion will take place during a live TV broadcast on Monday, 9 Feb @ 8pm (GMT) and people who are watching will be able to engage with the discussion through a live online chat room.

    SIBE is a student run broadcasting organisation and we were established only recently in October 2011, you can see recordings of some of our regular broadcasts!/live

    If you are not able to participate in this (and please let us know either way), can you suggest some friends / colleagues who could? We are also interested in people who might be able to participate who are in Syria if you know anyone from there

  11. On behalf of the EUDEL to Egypt (itxaso.dominguez at eeas dot europa dot eu), could you be so kind as to provide us with your contacts,as we are trying to reach you about one of your articles.

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