Buffers, Les élus

Letter # 5

Taken from "The Fever Chart" poster, staged at the American University in Cairo

“He, who is not touched by love, walks in darkness”
This is to me, at 19 and at 29

Listening to عبادي الجوهر – أحب فيك الوقت
Mood: Absent-minded, sedate


2 thoughts on “Letter # 5”

  1. Just discovered that this is a quote from Plato, “He, whom love touches not, walks in darkness.” I remember now that in the play, it’s uttered by a philosophy student, who lives in a place “full of light” then he discovers that he’s dead, he was shot by friendly fire during army service and that this light comes from the woman who took him in her arms while his soul was slipping away. Those few moments of love saved him from darkness. Touching, isn’t it?

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