Les élus

But what is worship?

The Holy Quran says that we -men and Jinn- are created to worship God; “Ma Khalaqna al Jin wal Ins illa le ya3bodoun.” I wonder what worship or “3ebada” means in context of this verse. Is it servitude or is it the kind of worship that we refer to in our desire to describe unconditional, devoted, complete, ego-less love?

It’s  not the same.

But if it’s love, is it the love for God only that we’re supposed to be directing our passion towards? Do we have to love everything through God, in God, for God? Is it possible to do it otherwise anyway if we believe that God is all-encompassing?

What about hatred in the name of God? How does this come into the equation? Are we here to hate for God as well? Is this “3ebaba” too? And if it’s not, is it possible to hate outside of God?

Some say that we are created so that we can live and choose to return to God, by will, and so glorify him as such and bask in his glory too. Perhaps.

If only I could remember the exact deal that I struck in “3alam al-thar,” it would have been much easier. Sometimes, I grasp the feeling of how it was like to be there but the memory quickly escapes me. I’m trying hard to squeeze my mind, my “fitra,” delve into the pool of our collective unconscious and remember. But most times, memory fails me.

My only solace is that I’m on a journey to rememberance.

And when I remember (and I will), I’ll try to contain my excitement and rush back here as quickly as I can and tell you what happened there years, and years, and years ago before time was created, or perhaps shortly after that.


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