Les élus

Laugh like an infidel

For a while, I’d taken the idea of “al-Tashabuh bel Kufar” for granted; something that the good, sweet, pious Muslims should not be doing. “Kokha,” as a traditional Egyptian would simply say.

Well, not until everything that most people did had been branded as “tashabuh” did I start to question the whole concept. This was back in college. But the memory haunts me.

For some people, the line to where a normal, accepted, and a needed conduct of behavior, speech patterns or dress code ends and where “tashabuh” begins is disturbingly blured.

Same as with “Tashabuh bel Regal/Rijal.” But this is a different story.

Revision with a capital R is a word I should write on my forehead as I walk the streets of Cairo, and perhaps the Arab World, in protest.

I end this undeveloped, incomplete note with a loud -almost spooky- laugh that is not unlike that of villians’ in 40’s and 50’s movies – a laugh void of “7ayaa,” just like the infidels’ except that it’s the only laugh that I have, and so I claim it as my own.


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