Les élus

Blog, blog, blog

An acquaintance had once told me that he believed that a blog should have a statement, should be political and should not be about personal feelings, cats and dogs, and what a person has done today.

Who is to say that one’s pets and complaining about a crappy mood is a non-statement? Who has an authority to judge anyway? A personal space is just that. And it should not be undermined in the name of politics, big words and “important” statements?

Let this be a call for all to stop acting like adults or at least leave the ones who are still children, free and open, to blog whichever way they choose.

I choose to write about non-sense and God be my witness. If it offends anyone, or sickens the open-minded intellectuals and free-thinkers, then I beseech them to simply click the virtual button marked “x”at the far right corner of their screens and let the argument rest there.



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